About Us

In business for over 25 years, Concrete Construction Supply has established itself as the premiere place to find the highest quality products and expertise in concrete construction, decorative concrete, and building supplies.

Priding ourselves on the most excellent customer service we can and we will go beyond expectations to assure our customers, whether homeowners or contractors, experience success and confidence in their construction projects. 

As a goal oriented company we strive to exceed your expectations in all aspects of business including:

Safety – The health and well-being of our employees, customers, and community is vital to us as a company.  We will do whatever it takes to assure the customer that we will operate with the highest standards in safety.

 – We are honest in all of our dealings. Our customers will feel confident through our actions that we will do what we say when we say it.  We pride ourselves on our persistent and unyielding integrity, loyalty and incerity.


Belief in People – We believe that all people are important and should be treated with respect. We provide coaching, support, and opportunity for growth for our customers and employees ensuring that both feel secure in all of their endeavors.


Cleanliness-Orderliness – Cleanliness and order will build a confidence in employees and customers that will yield a more pleasant working environment and customer experience.

By adhering to these values we will exceed your expectations increasing our customers’ experiences and creating an environment that fuels success.

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